Jul 21, 2023

MicroStar Logistics Expands Network of Keg and Pallet Quality Centers With New Tucson, Arizona Facility

TUCSON, Ariz., July 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MicroStar Logistics has expanded its investments in quality services for the beer industry with a commitment to build a new Keg and Pallet Quality Services Center in Tucson, Arizona. The ~270,000 square foot facility adds to MicroStar’s industry-leading repair and maintenance capabilities in order to service millions of kegs and new, reusable pallets each year benefiting its customers ranging from small craft brewers to the largest individual brewery in the world.

The new facility will be operated by approximately 200 quality professionals and feature a range of first-of-its-kind equipment including one of the largest, most sophisticated pallet cleaning lines in the world. MicroStar also operates a network of other facilities across the country enabling the company to efficiently repair and maintain its fleet of over 6 million kegs. To see video highlights of MicroStar’s quality capabilities, click here.

“This state-of-the-art facility further supports the beer industry’s commitment to quality,” said Glen Opp, MicroStar’s Chief Operating Officer and President of MicroStar’s Network Services Division. “For over 40 years our Quality Services teams have finetuned a remarkable set of tools and techniques to keep kegs looking and working like new while extending the life of these valuable assets. Now in Tucson we are leveraging this expertise to manage, clean and maintain the highest-quality fleet of resuable pallets. We are working with the top equipment manufacturers to expand on our tried-and-true processes, and also pioneer new technologies – robotics, vision inspection systems, sustainable water reclamation systems and more – strengthening our position as a high-performing extension of our brewers’ operations.”

The new MicroStar facility will provide approximately 200 new jobs, and significant economic impact to the Southern Arizona region. Positions include operations, production, quality control, logistics, management, and other positions. MicroStar is in the process of securing 20 acres for the new 270,000 square-foot building at the Rita Ranch Commerce Center in Tucson.

Project partners include Arizona Commerce Authority, Sun Corridor Inc., Pima County, City of Tucson, Diamond Ventures and Keyser.

“Pima County is pleased to announce that MicroStar Logistics will be joining the Pima County business community. With its exceptional capital investment and a large number of jobs across multiple different disciplines, MicroStar is a welcome addition. We are prepared to assist with MicroStar’s workforce development needs, and look forward to having it as part of the Pima County business community,” said Sharon Bronson, Pima County Supervisor, District 3.

“I look forward to welcoming MicroStar to Tucson,” said Tucson Mayor Regina Romero. “Their mission of creating a circular economy aligns with the City of Tucson’s Zero Waste Goals. Tucson is leading in becoming a more sustainable, resilient, desert city and MicroStar is a welcome partner to our ongoing efforts.”

“We thank MicroStar for its confidence and investment in Tucson and Southern Arizona. Our CEOs across the region stand ready to assist them and look forward to the company’s long-term prosperity here in the Tucson region,” said Susan Gray, president & CEO, Tucson Electric Power.

“In recent years, big names have bet on Tucson for logistics operations, including, Amazon. Home Depot and HomeGoods, among others. As COVID-induced supply chain disruptions prompt companies to rethink their logistics networks, Tucson continues to be a strong option as a strategic logistics hub,” said Joe Snell, president & CEO, Sun Corridor Inc.

“We are excited to welcome Microstar’s world-class supply chain operations to Tucson,” said Sandra Watson, President and CEO of the Arizona Commerce Authority. “This advanced facility furthers Southern Arizona’s reputation as a premier logistics destination, while adding hundreds of jobs to the region.”

About MicroStar

Founded in 1996, MicroStar Logistics is the world’s leading provider of circular, outsourced supply chain solutions for the beer industry. MicroStar’s highly efficient and sustainable shared keg programs now include over 6 million stainless steel kegs (MicroStar-branded kegs in the US and Kegstar-branded kegs internationally). Its Network Services Division manages reusable assets including returnable plastic pallets. Its Quality Services division extends the life of reusable assets making the most efficient use of finite resources. Visit or to learn more.

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