Sep 07, 2022

New development set for Vail near Las Plazas

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — In between large plots of unkempt land, over 600 young gymnasts head into Springs Gymnastics each week.

“We have kids that come from Sierra Vista which is an hour south of us, we have kids from Sahuarita and with have kids from inside Tucson too,” Shelly McNulty, the manager and director of Springs Gymnastics, said.

Since McNulty moved to the area three years ago and took over leadership at the gym, she has seen the community change.

“We’re a growing community which is great that obviously helps us and hopefully we expand too,” she said.

And now the change is landing right outside her gyms parking lot in the form of the 43.11 acres of barren land, which was recently sold for $4.4 million. Diamond Ventures bought the land a few weeks ago. It’s the same company that owns the 118 acres across the street, which contains TJ Maxx, Ross, Petco and Northwest Emergency Center.

“It would likely be an industrial use,” Bill Kelley, the CFO of Diamond Ventures, said. “It would likely be a manufacturing facility or distribution facility.”

This project is just one of many that the company has completed in the area from Target to TuSimple Campus. It’s in early stages of planning but he said the project will begin soon and continue over the next two years.

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